Thursday, November 4, 2010

Naruto Shippuden 4-inch Posable Action Figures for the Collector

If you've lingered here for more than five seconds, then you're likely a Naruto fan and already contemplating on getting these excellent Naruto Shippuden 4-inch posable action figures. This set has individually packed Naruto Shippuden Series 1 figures: one Naruto, one Kakashi, and one Itachi (subject to change).

Each of these Naruto figures has 10 points of articulation, which means you can practically pose them any which way you want to. It's a Naruto fan's dream come true! Accessories come with the figures which also have their own display stands.

Click here or on the image to order the Naruto Shippuden figures.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mameshiba Chickpea Plush Toys Are the Best

Mameshiba are Japanese anime characters that look like pooches but without the body. They have been described as being like beans, thus, they are also known as bean characters. Shown here is a Mameshiba Chickpea stuffed plush toy. It's one of the best of the kind and one of the most adorable and huggable. Why settle for a clunky anime robot or a plastic anime figurine when you can have your own soft, and fine Mameshiba bean plush toy! All you have to do to own this medim Chickpea plush is to order here.

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